Commercial and Industrial Building Products

Screen, Fencing & Gates

Screens, Fencing & Gates

Architectural metal panels provide an elegant design solution for your equipment screen, fencing, and enclosure needs.


  • Equipment and mechanical screens to conceal HVAC and mechanical installations
  • Trash, garbage and dumpster gates and covers
  • Fencing, gates and doors • Privacy screens • Mansards, facias and awnings


  • Fire Protection • Fade Resistant • Visually Attractive • Low Maintenance • Termite Free
  • Light Weight • Easy To Install • Replaceable Panels



Product information 

  • Choose from several panel profiles in 24ga or 22ga standard. (Available non-standard in 20ga or 18ga. Minimum order requirement and longer lead time applies. Contact AEP Span for details.)
  • Panels available in a wide variety of Dura Tech 5000 (Kynar) and Dura Tech mx colors (metallics).
  • Warranties for chalk, fade and film integrity are available in durations of up to 30 years for Dura Tech 5000 colors and up to 25 years for Dura Tech mx.
  • Two-sided paint finishes available. Minimum order requirements apply.
  • Perforated panel options
  • Factory fabricated flashing components available
  • Structural components available in 10ga to 18ga
  • Cee and Zee's range of sizes from 4" x 15⁄8" to 20" x 41⁄4"
  • Structural components available in lengths from 6' up to 50'. EZ-Form available in 20' lengths.