Architectural Roof and Wall Products

Span-Lok, Span-Lok hp and SpanSeam

Span-Lok hp, Curved Span-Lok, & SpanSeam

Performance-rated architectural standing seam metal roof systems that have a mechanically seamed 2" high rib, providing aesthetic appeal and weathertightness and can be used in a wide variety of new construction or retrofit applications.

Product Specifications 

Span-Lok, Span-Lok hp and SpanSeam
  • Available Offering:
    Span-Lok hp: 12", 16"
    Curved Spanlok: 16"
    SpanSeam: 16"

Features / Benefits 

  • Wind uplift tested in accordance with UL580 and ASTM E1592.
  • Meets UL 90 wind uplift requirements (purlin not to exceed 5'-0" o.c.).
  • Span-Lok hp is Factory Mutual class 1-75 (5' span) and Class 1-120 (2-6" span) approved.
  • Span-Lok hp has an additional bend on the female panel leg which increases its ASTM E1592 wind uplift performance to over 220psf allowable (design) loads.
  • Can be installed on pitches as low as 1/4":12"
  • Has been tested for air infiltration per ASTM E1680, and water infiltration per ASTM E1646, and E2140.
  • Panel assemblies are Class A Fire Rated when installed on non-combustible deck or framing per IBC or IRC.   Panel assemblies are also Class A Fire Rated per UL790 when installed in accordance to UL listings.  Refer to UL Listings & Specifications for information.
  • 16" Span-Lok hp, 16" Curved Span-Lok, and 16" SpanSeam available with subtle striations, two pencil ribs. 16" 22ga Span-Lok available machine curved (factory or field) for radiused applications
  • 12" Span-Lok hp is not available with pencil ribs, striations, and notching.
  • Can be installed over spaced supports or solid substrates.
  • Factory applied sealant is standard (except curved panels).
  • For end laps, factory swaged panels are available.
  • Long length panels can be manufactured on-site.
  • Factory notching available for turn under at the eave with 16" Span-Lok hp, 16" Curved Span-Lok, and 16" SpanSeam. Notch provides a clean detail and reduction in labor.
  • Two piece, self centering clips, allow for expansion and contraction of panels.
  • Choose from subtle striations, two pencil ribs or a clean flat-pan between ribs depending on aesthetic requirements.
  • Available in the DuraTech®5000 and DuraTech®mx cool-technology coating systems.
  • Manufactured in Fontana, CA and Tacoma, WA.
  • Weathertight warranty available. Minimum slope required. Contact AEP Span representative for more information. (Roof application ONLY)
  • Oil Canning: All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to
    as “oil canning”. “Oil canning” is an inherent characteristic of steel products, not a
    defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection.
    Oil Canning Technical Bulletin (pdf)

Colors and Warranties 

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