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Select Seam®

Select Seam®

A performance-rated, non-structural, batten seam metal roof system. It's clean wide pan appearance makes it ideal for a classic architectural effect. Curved Select Seam is a performance-rated, non-structural, batten seam metal roof system that can be curved for radius applications.

Product Specifications 

Select Seam®
  • Available in both narrow batten and wide batten coverages

Features / Benefits 

  • Available in narrow batten and wide batten in the following net coverages:
  • Wide Batten:
    • 13 1/4" coverage
    • 17 1/4" coverage
    • 22 1/2" coverage
  • Narrow Batten:
    • 12" coverage
    • 16" coverage
    • 21 1/4" coverage
    • Convex Curves: Narrow Batten 24 ga. can be machine curved on the field to a minimum 4' radius.
  • UL580-Class 90 wind uplift rated.
  • Narrow Batten tested for wind uplift per ASTM E1592, air infiltration per ASTM E283, and water infiltration per ASTM E331 with factory applied sealant.
  • Panel assemblies are Class A Fire Rated when installed on non-combustible deck or framing per IBC or IRC.   Panel assemblies are also Class A Fire Rated per UL790 when installed in accordance to UL listings.  Refer to UL Listings & Specifications for information.
  • Factory applied sealant is standard (Except for curved and Narrow Batten).
  • 24 gauge Zincalume® or Galvalume® coated steel clips. Stainless steel clips are used with copper panels.
  • Narrow batten panels can be field curved for radius applications. Email us at for further information.
  • Offered with subtle longtitudinal striations between ribs.
  • Preformed flashings and matching flat sheet available.
  • Available in 24 and 22 gauge in a variety of standard cool colors with the DuraTech®5000 and DuraTech®mx (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating systems, including ZACtique®II. Also available in bare Zincalume® or Galvalume® Plus.
  • Tapered for special architectural applications.
  • Ideal for both new and retrofit roof applications.
  • Recommended minimum slope of 3:12.
  • Manufactured in Fontana, CA and Tacoma, WA
  • Weathertight warranty available. Caulking and minimum slope required. Technical services manager must review and approve weathertight warranties for slopes lower than the minimum recommended. Contact AEP Span representative for more information. (Select Seam Narrow Batten only) (Roof application ONLY)
  • Oil Canning: All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to
    as “oil canning”. “Oil canning” is an inherent characteristic of steel products, not a
    defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection.
    Oil Canning Technical Bulletin

Colors and Warranties 

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