Paint Systems & Warranties

Span-Lok, Span-Lok hp and SpanSeam

Graffiti-Resistant Coating System

Architectural metal siding not only shields a building from nature’s elements, it can protect your project from graffiti.   AEP Span's factory applied Graffiti-Resistant Coating System is formulated to work with PPG Industries’ DuraPrep® Prep 400 graffiti remover.  The graffiti-resistant coating system works as a barrier of protection over pre-painted architectural metal panels, preventing most graffiti material from gripping or shadowing the metal surface.  If your project is tagged, just spray the DuraPrep® Prep 400 on the metal surface and the graffiti wipes off.

Span-Lok, Span-Lok hp and SpanSeam

Features / Benefits 

  • Lower building maintenance costs
  • Extends the beauty and value of your property
  • Available in a standard low-medium gloss
    or premium custom high-gloss in a
    variety of colors
  • Offered on all AEP Span profiles
    (inquire for available lead times)
  • 30 year Limited Warranty